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Welcome to the Shaman’s Market where you can find any number of tools to help you find clarity and insight to support you on your personal or corporate spiritual path. We offer books, e-books, audio guides, and training resources. Every month we record MP3 support for our Monthly Forecasts that includes an astrological outlook as well. Finally we offer a full range of books, and audio to support the Personessence™ System For Understanding People. Enjoy! Not finding what you are looking for? There is a search bar in the lower right of the page, or feel free to contact us and we will help you.

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    Personessence™ System For Understanding People

  • Group Shamanic Healing with Jose Stevens 11-20-18


    Join Jose Stevens Ph.D., founder of the Power Path School of Shamanism for a Group Remote Shamanic Healing Session Tuesday, November 20th at 7PM Mountain Standard Time. A shamanic healing is an excellent way to move energy, clear away what feels stuck, and bring in a higher vibration to support your current intentions. And because this healing is right before the holiday weekend, he will also support you to go into your Thanksgiving fresh, clear and protected!

    The healing session is 1/2 hour. Cost is just $10.

    Tuesday, November 20 at 7PM Mountain Standard Time.

    The webinar will only be available live at the time.  It will not be recorded.  However, if you miss the webinar, all registrants will receive the healing energetically regardless if you attend the webinar or not. Please remember to register at least 1 hour prior to the session in order to insure you receive the links and log on information.

    Once you have paid for the session, you will get an email with the registration link for the webinar.

    You must complete this second step to be officially registered.

    Please check your spam/junk folders for our emails as they sometimes go in there!

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  • Navigating November 2018 Monthly Support


    This is a helpful companion Audio to the monthly forecast and includes discussion, suggestions, shamanic exercises and icaros with Anna and Lena.

    "I have been using the MP3 audios in support of the Monthly Forecast since March.  I find these to be absolutely essential to making the most of the information provided in the forecast.

    I am sure there are many ways to use the material, but I have found it most effective as an adjunct to my morning meditation and prayer.  Each day I listen to a relevant icaro or visualization that seems most appropriate to the day (sometimes everything, but I often have limited time.)

    Connecting with this material early in the day supports me in staying connected with the energies and in maintaining alignment with them.  I have found that this practice has led to real, observable and sustained change, creating a new platform from which to experience life.

    I am so grateful to have this support each month."


    "I find that whenever I am getting lost in my mind and the stresses of life I can turn to the recording and receive a powerful mini healing session that re-aligns my mind with my Heart. This is truly an amazing offering that I have been utilizing since Anna and Lena began; I look forward to them every month!"


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  • Shamanic Mindfulness


    A new Power Path Course on the most popular subject of “Mindfulness”, from a shamanic perspective. What is mindfulness? With everything going on these days that is intense, potentially disturbing, out of control, reactionary and overwhelming, how can the practice of “Mindfulness” help you ground, balance and be more present and available for all the positive opportunities? Join Jose Stevens as he speaks to these questions from a shamanic perspective. You will come away with a deeper understanding of “Mindfulness” and practical tools to practice it in your daily life.

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  • The Medicine Wheel as a Map


    The Medicine Wheel, Medicine Circle or Mandala has been used for thousands of years around the world as a fundamental shamanic map and cross-cultural tool to navigate the flow of life. Understanding how to work well with the energies of the different directions can mean the difference between feeling peaceful, supported, clear and effortless versus feeling unsupported, chaotic and struggling.

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  • The Power Path to Good Boundaries and Protection

    The Power Path to Good Boundaries and Protection


    This online course explores the shamanic concepts of boundaries and protection and teaches you how to strengthen these in your everyday experience. Having good boundaries and knowing how to protect yourself energetically is key to maintaining health and becoming a more powerful person. It helps to know what’s yours and what isn’t and how to protect yourself and your environment from the energy of others.

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  • health and vitality course image

    The Power Path to Health and Vitality Online Course


    A self-directed series of online Sessions recorded from our popular webinar previously titled “Successful Wellbeing: How to Stay Healthy in Times of Stress” with Jose Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington. In this course we cover a comprehensive shamanic understanding of health, illness and how to be in right relationship with your body.

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  • The Power Path to Understanding the Masculine and Feminine: How to Heal this Age-Old Rift


    Never has there been a better time in history to gain more understanding of the Masculine and Feminine principles; how they show up in men and women and how they get out of balance leading to karmic behavior, difficult relationships, fear, misunderstanding, aggression, low self-esteem, addictions, poor health, dissatisfaction, projection, confusion, suffering and other disagreeable states causing great disharmony on our planet today.

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  • The Power Path to Working with Allies and Elementals

    The Power Path to Working with Allies and Elementals


    Feeling unsupported? Feeling like you’re going at it alone? Feeling anxious and afraid? When all else fails, you need your allies! Allies are one of the big sources of support, protection and power on the shamanic path. When used well, they make the difference in feeling like you’ve got a team at your back ready to help.

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  • Trends 2019 Live Webinar


    This year you can view the Trends Talk 2019 live from anywhere!

    Join Jose and Lena Stevens of the Power Path School of Shamanism in Santa Fe for their most popular event of the year exploring the energies, major themes, opportunities and challenges of 2018. A practical alternative to the more traditional astrological horoscope. Thursday, December 6, 7:00PM.

    If you cannot come in person you can still view the talk live.  We are offering a live webinar of the talk, just click below to sign up.  Trends 2018 is a live Webinar event and will be recorded.  Watch it live, then you will receive a link to the recording the next day that will be viewable for 6 months. $29

    Once you have paid for the live webinar of the talk, you will get an email with the registration link for the webinar that you must click on to finalize the registration.

    You must complete this second step to be officially registered.

    Additionally, CD's and Mp3 audio download of the talk will be available by mid-December

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  • Trends 2019 Talk in Santa Fe

    $25 $20

    Mark your calendars for TRENDS 2019 live in Santa Fe December 6!

    In their most popular talk of the year, Jose and Lena Stevens look at personality, major themes, creative opportunities, obstacles and challenges, and how you can take advantage of the influences and realize your maximum potential in 2019.  A practical alternative to the more traditional astrological horoscope. Although not a formal prediction, Trends 2019 will give you the tools you need to understand some of what is coming and make the most of it.

    We have changed our venue this year so if you wish to join us from out of town, the Lodge at Santa Fe is well located with great rooms and a restaurant.
    The talk will be on Thursday, December 6th, 2018 at 7pm at The Lodge at Santa Fe in the Kachina Ballroom

    744 Calle Mejia, Santa Fe NM 87501

    note: google will give you the address as 750 N Saint Francis Drive. Calle Mejia is the frontage road to Saint Francis and the actual street where the hotel is located.

    Cost is $20 prepaid by online registration or $25 cash at the door.

    Join us before the talk starting at 6:00 for our annual Indigenous Crafts Sale put on by our sister non-profit, The Center for Shamanic Education and Exchange (CSEE) Shop for the Holidays and help our important projects at the same time.

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