Group Healing with Jose Stevens 12-19-17 – Just $10!

  Join Jose for a group healing session. The theme of this healing will be clearing the past year, forgiveness where needed, and some help in disconnecting from the attachments of events and experiences of 2017. Tuesday, December 19, 7 PM Mountain Standard Time. Cost is just $10.  The healing…

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Intentions, Goals and Resolutions Webinar

  A new webinar with Lena Stevens, Wednesday, December 20 from 12-1PM Mountain Time. $19.95 Taking advantage of the energy of the solstice and in preparation for 2018, get yourself organized around what it is that you wish to manifest in this next year. We will cover the difference between…

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December 2017 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for December is “UPGRADE”.

Now that we have turned the soil and processed, recapitulated and come to terms with certain areas of our lives, it is time to think of where and what we need to change in order to prepare for what is next.
I chose the theme of UPGRADE because that is where we want to end up. Not with business as usual, but with goals, intentions, plans and determination to improve our lives so that our experience is upgraded from what is was before.

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Full Moon Update 12-3-17

Dear Friends, Full Moon is Sunday, December 3 at 8:46AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This Super Moon is an opportunity for a good reality check and a time to tell the truth about what you know to be true, not what someone else tells you is true, but what you, yourself…

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A New José Stevens Article

Tilling the Soil For A Great Harvest

Currently we are in a pattern of recapitulation, a clearing of all baggage that is in the way of advancing forward in an evolutionary way. Recapitulation work can be like hard labor as old memories come to bear, mostly memories of difficulty, trauma, loss, resentment, victimization, grief. This is why…

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New Moon Update 11-18-17

New Moon is Saturday, November 18 at 4:42 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST)

The theme for this new moon is creating positive change out of challenging circumstances. Anything that has been a hardship for you and could be seen as a negative experience can be used as a powerful agent to shift into something new. This is a new moon and will support anything new. Take the pieces of the old, whether an old dream, an old life, or challenging lessons, and use the power of those experiences to fuel what wants to emerge from the ashes.

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Full Moon Update 11-3-17

Full Moon is Friday, November 3 at 11:23PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).   This full moon has the potential for creating crisis that can assist in breaking through from stagnation, calcification and stubbornness where anger and irritation play a big role, to a softer, emotional and vulnerable experience where creativity…

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November 2017 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for November is “Turning the Soil”.

When one has focused only on what is seen and shows up on the surface, what is beneath that surface becomes less and less fertile as time goes on. This month is it time to dig down deep and turn up what is underneath, bring it to the surface, inspect it, break it up, feed it, aerate it and fertilize it in preparation for new seeds.

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New Moon Update 10-19-17

New Moon is Thursday, October 19 at 1:11 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Use this new moon as a transition time from working on and experiencing your inner stability and balance, to using it as your container of support as you step out and show up more in your life.

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