Full Moon/Equinox Update 3-20-19

The Full Moon is on Wednesday, March 20th at 7:42pm  with the Equinox being on the same day at 3:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time (MDT)   This is a Super Moon and a rare and powerful event with the Equinox landing on the same day. You have an opportunity, a portal…

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A New José Stevens Article

Alchemy High and Low

According to the online dictionary, alchemy is the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the “supposed” transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir. Also it is a “seemingly” magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. The…

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Group Shamanic Healing with Lena Stevens 4-8-19 – Just $10!

Join Lena Stevens, founder of the Power Path School of Shamanism and author of the Monthly Forecast for a Powerful Group Remote Shamanic Healing Session Monday, April 8 at 7PM Mountain Daylight Time. Working with the themes of the month, This is an opportunity to clear, heal, raise your vibration…

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Prosperity Online Course 50% off for March!

In this course, we comprehensively cover the principles of prosperity, the most effective processes to manifest what you need for greatest satisfaction, fulfillment, and completion. Knowing the law of attraction is helpful but not enough to clear the way to success. Here you will learn the most common obstacles to…

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New Moon Update 3-6-19

New Moon is Wednesday, March 6 at 9:03 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This is watery, dreamy, inspiring New Moon with the potential for raising the spiritual bar and anchoring some beautiful new energy. Clear any fear and anxiety and use the New Moon as a reset to your spiritual…

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March 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for March is “THE NEXT STEP”

In taking that “next step”, we are also dealing with anxiety, fear, confusion and trusting the unknown.

We exit the month of February with lots of bits and pieces on our plate. Some are clear, some make no sense, some fit the puzzle, some don’t, some have come out of the blue creating sudden change, and some feel like road blocks with no clear solution……yet.

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Connecting With Your Natural Allies – Nature Solo

Nature has long been a source of power, support and guidance for shamanic cultures. Our 2019 Nature Solo is oriented towards helping you strengthen your shamanic connection with nature as an ally. The earth and the sky, the plants and animals, and each of the directions guide us into connection…

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Full Moon Update 2-19-19

Dear Friends, Full Moon is Tuesday, February 19 at 8:53 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST). This full moon activates our intuition and emotional side at the same time as inviting us to take more responsibility for the organization of the details connected with our intentions. Creativity and inspiration are key…

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New Moon Update 2-4-19

New Moon is Monday, February 4 at 2:04 PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).   This New Moon is very activating and care must be taken not to project or misread the emotional content that may be coming up. Your creative energy wants to be freed and sometimes what brings that…

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February 2019 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for February is “ACTIVATION”

It is the energy of a spark, of ignition, of a burst of creativity or destruction. It is a month of passion, friction that causes change, and the adjustment necessary to re-balance and re-group. There is movement and action, and the need to channel this energy constructively for new insights, motivation and productivity.

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