A New José Stevens Article

Standing Rock: Some Perspectives

Many of you perhaps were not yet born during the era of the Vietnam war and the protests of the later 1960’s, early 1970’s. I was a young man at that time and I remember it well. At that time there were Black Power protests, massive civil rights protests and…

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heart or love icons and hand as tree - concept vector. This graphic also represents harmony & peace spreading love empathy and compassion

December 2016 Monthly Forecast

The main theme for December is COMPASSION: THE HIGHER ROAD.

This month is all about turning our focus away from anger, blame, self-judgment, hopelessness, frustration, fear and worry. These are all attitudes and emotions that belong to a lower vibration and they do not serve us at this time. We need to be turning ourselves in the direction of the higher vibration of COMPASSION if we are to be effective in our lives, with ourselves and with others.

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A New José Stevens Article

Article Two: United States Elections 2016: Getting the Right Perspective

People around the world, and Americans are no exception, often relate to their elected representatives or their monarch as a parent. This is a purely subconscious process meaning that most people have no idea how emotionally they are responding to their leaders. They like to think they are being purely…

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2017 Trends Talk

TRENDS TALK 2017 Join us in Santa Fe or live from your computer! Join Jose and Lena Stevens in Santa Fe for their most popular event of the year exploring the energies of 2017: the personality and influences, challenges and opportunities.  A practical alternative to the more traditional astrological horoscope….

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the moon in clouds (the detailed night image of the moon)

New Moon Update 11-29-16

New Moon is Tuesday, November 29 at 5:18AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is an important moon for building community, sharing yourself with others and not holding back on your unique self-expression. It is a good day to anchor a commitment to learn something new or to pursue a new area of interest or a new relationship. Anything that you put into motion today gets some juice for gathering support.

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Women’s Shamanic Coaching 12 Session Course

Includes a One Time Introductory Live Webinar with Lena and Anna if you register before December 6, 2016! A self-directed series of online coaching sessions recorded from our popular webinar of the same name with Lena Stevens and Anna Stevens Harrington This course is for women who are truly serious…

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Universe scene with planets, stars and galaxies in outer space showing the beauty of space exploration. Elements furnished by NASA

A New José Stevens Article

Forgiving the Illusions of Our Resistance to Who and What We Think We Are.

In this article I will just touch on the organizational structure of this universe and then get into some of the more interesting aspects of soul age, including some of the craziness we humans bring to it, and the need for forgiveness. Outside of space and time, all is one…

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Land for Sale

Over the years, we have had the privilege to become land stewards for three special parcels of land. Eagle Bear Ranch, where the Power Path does their seasonal retreats, is bordered on the North by 700 acres known as Inti Palka Ranch, and bordered on the South by 700 acres…

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Full Moon over Earth's stratosphere.

Full Moon Update 11-14-16

Full Moon is Monday, November 14 at 6:52 AM Mountain Standard Time (MST).

This is a good moon to anchor and ground a new vision. It may even be something that has percolated just under the surface of your conscious mind, and now suddenly you have some clarity about it. This is an expansive, inspired time where you actually may be able to see how something you thought improbable is suddenly very possible.

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