Shamanic Q & A

We receive lots of questions about a wide range of subjects that effect our daily lives. Here is were we answer some of them from the perspective of shamanic tradition.

  • Shamanic Q & A – February 14, 2011

    Questions and Answers


    Can you comment on the strange weather patterns, the extreme cold, the snow, and inclement weather in the United States?


    The element this year is water. There has been massive flooding in Australia and Sri Lanka, huge snow events across North America, and much more water to come in various parts of the world. This winter the Arctic and Greenland are warmer than usual and the melting will be severe. This pushes up the water in oceans so global warming is alive and well despite the cold winter in the USA.

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  • Shamanic Q & A – September 30, 2010

    Is being a healer the ultimate profession?

    This is actually quite a complex and confusing question. One answer may come as a surprise to many older souls, and that answer is no. A lot of what passes as healing is actually meddling and diddling. The vast majority of healers are trying to heal themselves by trying to fix others, a complete waste of time and effort. First of all when we presume to fix another we assume that we know what is best for them and we often don’t. Considering that in our dream of reality others are projections of ourselves, there is actually nothing wrong out there.

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  • Shamanic Q & A – July 29, 2010


    If we are evolving in consciousness as a species then why is it that so many people are acting so badly around the planet at this time?


    Most of you know by now that the planet is currently undergoing a highly challenging shift moving from the child or young soul state of consciousness to the adolescent/young adult or mature soul state of consciousness. This process parallels the transition each human undergoes from age eleven to fourteen years of age, puberty, except on a mass scale never before seen on this planet. Puberty is a notoriously challenging rite of passage involving hormones, physical, psychological, and emotional growth, and a total transformation into a different kind of being. The same is true for this shift on a planetary scale. As you all know the shift is often not pretty for young people and many go through trials that put themselves and their families through hell and back.

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  • July Shamanic Q & A


    Can you shed any more light on the Gulf of Mexico oil situation?


    This event represents the end of business as usual. It will not be possible to hide the results from the world forever and sooner or later, probably sooner, the world will begin to know the full impact of the this catastrophic blunder. This is a time when game changing events will occur to catalyze the shift from childhood to adolescence and young adulthood. These events have to be so huge that they permanently alter the philosophy on the planet.

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  • Shamanic Q & A – June 1, 2010


    I am interested the effect of EMF on humans and the planet. There is a rapid increase in the number of people using cell phones, wi-fi, and towers to support their use. Could this be related to the increase in Alzheimer’s, cancer, autism, etc? Many cities are working towards universal wi-fi. Should we be concerned? We have been hesitant to embrace all of this technology because of the lack of information on its effect.


    This is not an easy question to answer and the answer may annoy some of you who are attached to the perception that new technology is out to destroy you. At any given moment literally millions of cosmic energy waves from all parts of the universe are passing through your body and you remain blissfully unaware of them. Before the onset of science no one knew these particles and waves existed and no one cared. Occasionally cosmic particles do collide with atoms in the body causing natural mutations that are often beneficial. Sometimes they alter genes and are responsible for raising hormones to higher octaves. These of course are not accidental events.

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  • Shamanic Q & A – March 31, 2010



    How does one avoid the fear that comes with the prospect of so many catastrophic prophecies about the times we are living in?


    Believe it or not a fear response is a choice. You can choose not to follow the thinking track that leads to fearfulness. A mind running amok is an unpleasant and dangerous thing. So, you have to take responsibility for what you do with it. Perspective is a very helpful thing. First of all when I check in with Spirit about things that concern me the answer is never, “Boy are you screwed!” Have you ever received that reply in your talks with Spirit? If you say that Spirit never answers you it is probably that you have been doing all the talking and no listening.”

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  • Shamanic Q & A

    Questions and Answers

    What is the difference between shamanism and neo-shamanism in today’s world and how would you describe your work? Can anyone become a shaman? If so, what is the proper credentialing for such work? What do you see as being the benefits/dangers to neo-shamanism in today’s culture?

    The topic you raise is rather big so here I can only make a few comments on this here.

    Shamanism represents the practices of many indigenous groups with ancient traditions including sets of ceremonies, rituals, healing practices, as well as sorcery techniques. Neoshamanism is a collection of approaches that borrows heavily from basic ideas of shamanism, New Age practices, quantum physics, and the influence of various mystical paths, theosophy, and the like. It covers such a broad spectrum and such a variety of people as to defy definition.

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  • Shamanic Q & A

    Questions and answers


    Please comment on Obama’s clinging to the previous administration’s destructive ways: installing Monsanto minions in key positions; failing to insist on a public healthcare option; expanding our military budget and presence; giving massive handouts to financial corporations with no requirement that the money be used for the benefit of the people who need it; maintaining invasive and unconstitutional surveillance practices; and now, actually suing to keep habeas corpus from being re-instituted.

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  • Shamanic Q&A

    Periodically readers will ask us questions that deserve a public answer so that all may be informed. If you have a question regarding a current event or life situation please submit to our office.

    Will the United States break apart like the Soviet Union?

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